American Civil War

American Civil War Battle of Cold Harbor 1864

Patrick Geraghty, born in Doonbreedia 1814-15, was married in St Patrick's Church Addergoole Parish in 1835. Soon after their marriage, Patrick and his wife Bridget immigrated to America. Patrick Geraghty fought in the American Civil War on the Union side, and was mortally wounded at the battle of Cold Harbor in 1864.

Extract from Rathkell National School Centenary Book, 2007

This battle proved to be one of the bloodiest of the entire war. The Union army suffered over 12,000 casualties (7,500 dead), to the Confederate army's 2,500 casualties (1,500 dead). Many dead on both sides were Irish, possibly even neighbours in Ireland just a few years previously. Most were buried in mass graves on the battlefield.

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