Addergoole Macra Na Feirme

Macra Na Feirme is an organisation dedicated to the ongoing education and social development of its members. The Addergoole Branch was established at a meeting in Bofeenaun Community Centre on 3rd October 1981. Two books under the heading "Timepieces" were produced in 1982 and 1983.

Through the years the club has been involved in competitions, projects, social and sporting events. An annual Sports Day was held on the Bofeenaun GAA pitch each August. A highlight was an onion eating contest!

The club lapsed for several years, but has been reformed in the last 18 months. Many of the present members are the sons and daughters of people in the inaugurating group of 1981.

This year Addergoole Macra had a "Know Your Neighbour" weekend, a Mock Wedding and a Talent Show. Donations were made to local schools with the money raised.

Watch this space for photographs of the Mock Wedding and the Talent Show.

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