Bofeenaun Church Centenary 2012


St Mary's Church, or Archbishop MacHale Memorial Church, in Addergoole Parish is of recent construction. The foundation stone was laid in 1912 by the Bishop of Killala, Most Rev. Dr Naughton. Father Lavelle, in Addergoole Native Parish of Archbishop MacHale, describes the building as follows:

"The architecture of St Mary's is Romanesque. The building is done in hammered limestone, with a flare, on the outside, from the foundation, ending at shoulder-height in a girdle of white chiselled stone. The eastern entrance is surmounted by a full rose-window girt, and ribbed by shapely curve-work. On the right of the doorway is an unfinished round tower. The interior is devotionally artistic and handsomely finished. The grounds are well laid out, and inside the gates are statues of Christ the King and Mary Queen of Heaven." 

Extensive work has recently been carried out on the stained glass windows, the new stone grotto and a matching stone store to the rear of the church in preparation for the centenary in 2012.  

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